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"New World Renewable Energy Leasing Inc."


Gain power over monthly energy bills – install affordable Roof Mounted Solar power.



Substitute most of your electric bill for an AFFORDABLE LEASE.

YES, a standard roof mount solar power for your home or business is now within reach - without a large capital investment. Infinergy is a name you can trust to design your solar system – plus design an incentive package that
will make a significant difference in your budget – and in America’s environment.

Call Infinergy and let us help you achieve a greener energy future –
for an investment you can afford. We can quickly review your property to determine if it is a good candidate for our leasing progam plus there is not an obligation for our FREE analysis.

 FAQ's and Install Sequence

1. System can be purchased for FMV by home seller or home buyer if sale occurs after year 5 of lease term.   The new home buyer has opportunity to assume the lease as well.

2. In some markets, system can be purchased at end of term for FMV. A good way to understand FMV is to ask “How much is your 15 year old computer worth today?” Solar panels will probably be similar.

3. The Harvest the Sun program is for a flush mounted roof solar system:  upgrades for Ground Mount, Pole Mount and Ballasted systems are more expensive and could require an upfront investment, discuss with your sales representative.


Homeowner required to pay for all applicable permits unless agreed otherwise.

Maintenance: Homeowner responsible for basic maintenance:

• cleaning debris off the panels, trimming trees, etc.


Homeowner required to provide all-risk coverage for cash value of system within the guidelines for the state.


All rebates, tax incentives, and other renewable or tax assets retained by NWREL.

* Lease terms vary according to region and offer.


Homeowner is responsible for equipment loss or damage.
Item Description

Solar System

• Infinergy warranty on the entire solar system (panels, inverter, racking, monitoring) during the original lease term.


• Installer warranty on workmanship for 5 years.


Month 1: Pre-Installation

1. Site evaluation, electric bills analysis, credit application.
2. Get an estimate directly from Apollo, or from your installer.
3. Sign solar lease contract.
4. Your installer will apply for building permit(s).
5. Your installer will apply for rebate reservation.
6. Schedule the installation.

Month 2: System Installation

7. System is installed by our local certified and licensed installer.
8. System performance is tested.
9. Final building inspection, and interconnection by utility inspector.

Month 3: Benefits Begin!

10. System is officially turned “on”, and begins to produce electricity.
11. First monthly lease payment is due and drafted from your checking account in accordance with Addendum D of your solar lease agreement.  The timing of the lease payment will be comparable to the timing of your current electric bill.
12. Your utility company credits you for excess production if your state allows NET EXCESS GENERATION.

End of Lease

13. After 61, 120 or 180 consecutive payments depending on the lease term you have selected, the lease goes month-to-month.
14. You have the option to purchase at fair market value (FMV)** or in accordance  with the special provisions of your lease agreement.  Addendum A of our standard lease agreement.
15. Solar panels have 25-year Manufacturer Warranty.

* Timeline indicated is general, for illustration purposes. Some projects take less or more time to complete, depending on local conditions.

** For accounting purposes, FMV is commonly considered to be 20% of system cost. Actual FMV at the end of term may vary, and may be negotiated.