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Harvest the Sun http://naga.com.ph/demo-account:

Substitute 80% of your Current Electric Rate for a VERY SMALL Monthly LEASE PAYMENT from Infinergy!


Complete GRID TIE 5.06 Kw Solar System:

22 Astronergy 230 watt Monocrystalline panels with a Kaco 02xi inverter.   Contact your local dealer for local pricing and incentives across the United States https://www.naga.com.ph/demo-account.


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This area is our gateway to information for our dealers. You will need your username and password to enter this area. If you do not have your username and password, please send an email to our General Manager.

Dealers Wanted!


Infinergy Wind & Solar is always looking for dealers. Please contact Murray Hambrick for details.

In the mean-time, if you'd like to know more about Infinergy Wind & Solar, please contact us at:

Infinergy Wind & Solar
PO Box 81132
Midland, Texas 79708

432.553.8617 phone
866.698.5589 fax http://www.naga.com.ph/demo-account

Murray Hambrick, President (email)

Madhu Iyengar, Vice President (email)